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ico   Dacross / Home Page Academy of Veterinary Dentistry
ico   Dacross Non-clinical Services Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians
ico  Dacross Clinical Services American Veterinary Dental College
ico  Contact Dacross Services Australian Veterinary Dental Society
  Assoc. Brasiliera de Odontologia Veterinária
ico The Dacross dental information pages British Veterinary Dental Association
ico Dental disease in chinchillas European Veterinary Dental College
  European Veterinary Dental Society
  Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry
Previously named the American Veterinary Dental Society
Info for Veterinary Surgeons  Veterinary Dental Info sites
ico The Dacross Veterinary CPD website The Colyer Institute (Wildlife dental research)
ico Rabbit Dental Radiology (30k zip file)  UC Davis (A US university clinic site)
ico Notes on rabbit tooth elongation (1Mb)  The Journal of Veterinary Dentistry
Client Information Other Veterinary Organisations 
ico Dental care for pets (80K PDF file) Association of Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgeons
ico  Dental home care products (0.4M PDF) British College of Veterinary Specialists
ico  Notes on ear surgery (24K PDF file) British Small Animal Veterinary Association
ico Some post-operative photographs British Veterinary Association
  Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
ico Dogwood Vets: Specialist Services  
ico Animal Medical Centre Referral Services  
ico Camlas Petcare Vets  
ico Animal Hospital Postojna  
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