Dacross Services is a veterinary clinical, consultancy and education business run by Dr. David A. Crossley, an English veterinary surgeon who has undergone extensive post-graduate training in soft tissue surgery, CT imaging, endoscopy, oncology, maxillofacial surgery and dentistry. He has a number of associates who work with him. The photograph below shows David with Dr. Spirina who is a Russian veterinarian from the Twins veterinary group in Moscow, and one of his patients.

Dr. David CrossleyDavid qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 1978. He spent his first 9 years working as a small animal clinician for a veterinary practice in Altrincham, Cheshire. During this time he developed interests in and started post-graduate training in dentistry, orthopaedics and oncology. For the next 9 years, David ran his own small animal practice just north of Manchester. This gave him the freedom to undertake more intensive specialised training and in 1993 he became only the second UK veterinary surgeon to be awarded a Fellowship of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry.

In 1998, after 5 more years study, David became the first UK veterinary surgeon to pass the entrance examination of the European Veterinary Dental College, becoming an European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry. In 2002, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognised David as a UK specialist. Dr. David CrossleyAt that time David was researching dental disease in chinchillas, being awarded a PhD in Oral Pathology by the University of Manchester in October 2003 for his thesis on this subject. Having gained his specialist qualifications, David now spends a lot of time teaching others on the UK and abroad in addition to offering clinical services at suitably equipped veterinary practices in the UK.

When he has spare time, David enjoys watching wildlife, and if it is not moving too fast, photographing it!

Treated cariesServices offered

Clinical referral service

David offers his services as a clinical consultant in veterinary dentistry, orofacial medicine, maxillofacial and ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgery through two referral centres near Manchester and one near Doncaster in the UK. He also visits a practice in mid Wales when there are suitable cases in that area. Veterinary surgeons who wish to discuss or refer cases in the UK should contact him by email, see the contact page.

Animals requiring David's specialised skills must be referred to him by the animal's attending veterinary surgeon.The patient's relevant medical history must be supplied by the amimal's vet to enable safe and appropriate treatment before David or his colleagues can accept patients. Patients are not accepted on a 'first opinion' or 'self-referral' basis as this does not result in the necessary clinical history being available.

Clinical RadiologyCT reconstruction

David also provides a radiograph (x-ray) and computed tomographic(CT) interpretation service. CT sequences provide the opportunity for use of special software to obtain additional information from scans with three-dimensional (3D) image reconstruction being particularly useful for surgical planning. Veterinary clinicians may contact David about this service using the details on the contact page.

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Non-clinical Services

Veterinary Dentistry Equipment Advice (and Suppl

On visitsto veterinary practices, David provides advice on their existing instruments and equipment as well as suggesting improvements and alternatives. He has found sources for many types of veterinary dental instruments and equipment, and can supply a small range of items not widely available from standard veterinary suppliers.

Veterinary Continuing Education

David is keen to pass on his skills and knowledge so he has contributed toseveral veterinary text books and he is a regular lecturer in the UK and abroad. He teaches a range of courses on veterinary dentistry and maxillofacial surgery and provides tutoring for European Veterinary Dental College trainees. David has an on-line continuing professional development web site providing basic tuition for those veterinary students and qualified veterinary surgeons who wish to improve their dentistry and other knowledge and skills before attending practical courses to develop the necessary skills to perform veterinary dentistry to teh highest standards..

David offers customised "in-house" veterinary dentistry training courses for veterinary practices. These can be tailored for nursing staff undertaking the role of veterinary dental hygienists and/or veterinary surgeons involved in diagnosis, treatment planning and dental surgery. Practices interested in this service should contact David using the details on the contact page.

Veterinary Medical Illustration

Being a keen photographer, David has a collection of photographs of medical conditions and treatments which are regularly called upon to illustrate books and articles. In addition, David has provided computer drawn graphical illustrations for various publications, but currently has little time to work in this area.

Endodontic Treatment

Website Updates

Like many busy people David finds it difficult to dedicate enough time to keep his website up to date! As a result, parts may be out of date. If you spot something that appears to need updating, please let us know.

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